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Sex & Sensibility: The Adventures of a Jane Austen Addict



Sex and Sensibility: the Adventures of a Jane Austen Addict draws on the comic aspects of the Jane Austen mania. Protagonist Lizzie Parsons and her coterie attempt to live lives of decorum as exemplified in Austen's novels, only to be severely tried by the social and sexual mores of modern Manhattan.


"Rosemarie Santini has created a neurotic, zany, plotting character full of kick and spunk." -Publishers Weekly

"The novel is equally indebted to Sex and the City and to Jane Austen's fiction." -Jane Austen Society, North America JASNA News

A Swell Style of Murder

When Connecticut transplant Rick Ramsey finds a severed hand in New York's Soho, his wife Rosie sees a potential bestseller. Rosie is at once a fierce feminist and an Italian-American princess, raised to be courageous, man-like, and very feminine. The Ramseys' marriage spotlights modern role reversal against a dark background of Italian passion.


"A sundae of style, sex, and violence... Remarkably, none of the novel's intelligence slows the pace or sours the dippy charm." –New York Times

Loving Darcy
A Crime Novelist Changes Hats to Write about Jane Austen

"When I was co-writing the Darcy character for What Jane Austen Didn't Tell Us: The Backstories of Seventeen Characters from Pride and Prejudice, I meditated a great deal on what was going on with Darcy in the early pages of Pride and Prejudice. What was in his heart and in his soul? What was the secret that Austen didn't tell us?


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